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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hello Reno!


Many of you have asked how to keep in touch with me as I move into this new phase of my life, so here it is, I ask that you please bear with me as I learn about the art of blogging.

I'm just going to enter a short post to get the ball rolling here. Some of you know all that has happened the past 6 months, some have had a glimpse, and others well you may be quite surprised. This is my view, my perception on my life since May 2011.

It's Thursday, Nov. 3rd. The sun is setting as sit in my loft and watch from the windows of my new home. My friend Peig and I just finished a 2,000 mile drive from Wisconsin to Nevada.
The image below is what we saw for almost 1,000 miles as we drove toward our new home of Reno Nevada. It is spectacular particularly for those of us who come from land that has some rolling hills but fairly flat.
File:Sierra Nevada-terabass.jpg

This is all for tonight, I will write soon, looks like I'll backtrack the next time I write.
Good night.


  1. I am one of those you mention who has had only a glimpse of what has been happening since May 2011. Imagine my surprise when I read you and Peig are in Reno!

    I will very much enjoy reading about this next phase in your life. Please share your hard earned insights with us!

    Love and friendship,

  2. Happy to hear you made it safe and sound. Wishing you many blessings....Love, Jeannie

  3. thanks for keeping us updated. The picture is beautiful. Looks very Divine to me with the orbs guiding you.

  4. Gorgeous! I miss you already! I am so excited for your new chapter! Love you!

  5. You were on my mind all day yesterday, wondering where you were in your travels. Soooo glad to see you've arrived safely. Thank you for figuring out a techie way to keep all of us up to date.

  6. Living parallels, thanks for being the newness and inspiration for now! love you, doreen