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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I just returned from my trip to Colorado where I visited my daughter Dana her husband Cody and my grandchildren Ian, Ivy and Jonah. I had such a wonderful time with my Colorado family and I enjoyed every minute of it.
 I flew into a winter wonderland as there was 7" of snow with the Rockies in the background that resembled  a beautiful holiday greeting card. Strange as it may seem, those of you who know me would be surprised to discover that I welcomed the cold wet stuff.

Reno has been incredibly dry with no precipitation, not a drop of rain or a flake of snow since I arrived in November. The upside of this is the sun, it shines every morning, almost every day, all day. What a glorious sight as a paradox to cold, grey Wisconsin weather.

Now a little about my life....a month ago I adopted a kitten from the Reno Humane Society. It was an emotional process for me since I still think of Peaches, my beloved dog who I lost back in September.
Each night when I came home, it felt so quiet, so very quiet. There was no sports channel playing on the TV (oh how Stu would be so thrilled right now with the Packer's playing so incredibly) no dog barking at every passing car, just the sound of silence.
So now I have Gabbie, here is her photo, her favorite pastime: being held.

My work at Steamboat Springs is just beginning. We have been preparing treatment rooms, changing the menu, website, protocols --every aspect of the business is being upgraded. It is really exciting since I left behind my massage therapy practice to walk in the shoes of a Sona Therapist. I am working directly with Gary Buchanan who is the founder of Sonatherapy.

Most people ask me about Sonatherapy™ It is a new application of “energy medicine” or “vibrational healing” being developed at Steamboat Hot Springs Healing Center. This is an exciting cutting edge application of several ancient sciences.
In Sonatherapy, the body is exposed to specific frequencies of sound using various means. Through water baths or electronic applicators, these energies produce beneficial effects upon human body tissue or organ systems.
These sessions also include light therapy in specific color wavelength ranges and frequencies, as well as supportive methods such as aromatherapy and deep tissue massage. Optionally, sessions are preceded by hydrotherapy in the pristine geothermal spring water at Steamboat.
A session results in a powerful re-entrainment of the body’s normal balance of rhythm in the affected area. This work can bring an injured or diseased body part to a higher level of health and vitality.

If you click on this link Healing Sonations  you will find the work of Dr. Buchanan. It's quite amazing that frequencies transduced into a drop of water can produce such images. These frequencies are introduced into the body via an acoustic footbath and your body instantly entrains.

I will be traveling to Japan in March to further my studies of Cymatic Therapy and Sonatherapy with Dr. Yukinori, I am really excited about this wonderful work.

Enough for today, Blessings to You All,
Lee Ann